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Michael B. Vinzens

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Message 8503 - Posted: 1 Aug 2009, 8:20:32 UTC
Last modified: 1 Aug 2009, 9:07:32 UTC

I told my client to keep every task in the memory until the job is finished.

I've got problems here. My claimed credit of round about 700 credit points is lost. this makes me mad.
I will leave the project until the problems here are solved.

The error was a seg-ment.-fault. This is for shure not a client-err, right?


ps: from time-to-time i stop the boinc-client, and reboot the whole system, for certain purposes on the installed windows.

Is there any "save"-file, where it can start again after stopping the boinc-client?

I am into 15 projects and stopping the client does not affect any other projects, except yours.

You should take care, for new users here, that the WU is in the beginning smaller, and when everything works fine, then you can put the WU under stress.

so if there is any error from the early beginning, I can decide to give you CPU-Time or not.

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Forums : General Topics : Error......