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Forums : General Topics : 450 Credits for 15.5 hours?
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Message 21307 - Posted: 7 Feb 2017, 5:53:48 UTC

450 credits (rounding off) for 15.5 hours. That's rather low. 29 credits an hour? That's more on par with Android clients. Actually, I think I get that in less time than that on Android.
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Message 21627 - Posted: 19 Jan 2018, 15:50:58 UTC

It's hard to compare apples and pears, as BOINC tries its best to do with the credit system. I've just started with C@H and my laptop which is my trial machine for projects completes a camb_boinc2docker job in about 9 minutes with all four virtual cores (i7-7500U). That's ~30 cpu minutes for ~30 credits or 60 credits per hour. Double what you describe but I don't know what hardware you're running on nor which application it was.

Anyway - try focusing on what's important. What those 15.5 CPU hours does to progress our understanding of the cosmos! If it's 450 or 45000 "credits" is of less relevance.:) (But I know - big integers ARE fun, no matter what people tell us!)
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Forums : General Topics : 450 Credits for 15.5 hours?