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Message 9071 - Posted: 6 Oct 2010, 13:22:37 UTC
Last modified: 6 Oct 2010, 13:26:28 UTC

I think I'm going to drop C@H. Ever since I've started crunching the 2 2.16 work units I've been given, the time to completion has been getting longer. There's no way I'm going to meet the deadline. My point is, why did they start saying they would take a modest time to complete, crunch away for a couple of days, and now say that they require more time than is available? A true indication of the time they would take would have saved a couple of days. At the rate the deadline is racing away from me, I'm not sure they would complete this year.

[Having just aborted these work units, I have received a message that they had already been reported as erroneous.]
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Forums : General Topics : Time Inflation